JUNE 28 - AUGUST 26, 2018

Lisa Hirmer looks at the idea of emergency and our relationship to it as future event. How does the process of preparing for emergencies act in the present? How can it cause us to rethink priorities and reconsider relationships? How do our understandings of and responses to emergencies change our communities, societies and the world? Visitors are invited to think on and contribute their own perspectives on emergency in this interactive exhibition.

border crossings: travelling along the in between

JUNE 28 - AUGUST 26, 2018

border crossings: travelling along the in between is an interactive, community engagement project. For seven weeks, visitors and community members are invited to join us as we travel down the river of stories. The waters contain the wisdom of the ages and the power of timeless tales. 


JUNE 28 - AUGUST 26, 2018

UNRULY is a conversation between two local queer and trans artists of colour, a creative intervention that contends with the (dis)embodied ways of moving through home, space, belonging, community, binaries and boundaries. Jasmine Noseworthy Persaud and Harmeet Rehal’s bodies of work coalesce in the XIT-RM, inviting the visitor to see, feel, experience and question. Each artist examines and confronts the way ‘being,’ surviving and thriving is (im)possible for the queer, trans, disabled, racialized individual, in the suburbs, in ‘community,’ and in the season(s) when they are expected to be ‘proud.’ What could an inquiry into the said/unsaid rules look like? What would disrupting the traditional feel like? Let’s imagine, produce and nurture these possibilities.


a featured exhibition for the scotiabank contact photography festival

MAY 3 - JUNE 17, 2018

seeping upwards, rupturing the surface takes as a starting point 'sad girl theory;' the proposition that displays of emotionality in women and girls can be acts of resistance. Connecting the porousness of the body with that of images and screens, physical manifestations of female emotion represent a way of taking up space, breaking through boundaries of patriarchal culture, and forging new modes of engagement with the world and connection with others. 

Mariam Magsi

Jahez | Dowry

May 3 - June 17, 2018

Jahez is a word from the Urdu language that refers to paraphernalia or goods that accompany a bride to her new, martial home. In this series, inherited objects that have migrated with the artist from Pakistan to Canada are used to construct performative photographs which subvert their intended utilitarian function. Mariam Magsi hangs various domestic objects from her head in a balancing act, silently rebelling against cultural and societal expctations. 


Guest curated by RhÉanne Chartrand

February 22 - April 15, 2018

niigaanikwewag brings together notable works by senior, mid-career, and emerging female Indigenous artists to celebrate past, present, and future generations of kwes as integral to sustaining the creative spirit of Indigenous communities. Foregrounding kinship, the artworks in niigaanikwewag embody and express the blood ties Indigenous women have to each other and to [our] Mother Earth. 


FEBRUARY 22 - APRIL 15, 2018

Four Lands is an interdisciplinary, collaborative project, organized in partnership with Jumblies Theatre, which explores and expresses people's differing relationships to a place. Four Lands takes the form of an evolving gallery, ongoing public drop-ins, offsite workshops and other activities as arranged (artist/historical talks, visits by specific community groups, professional development workshops), a project launch and final presentation and celebration. Artists and diverse community members will create and bring to life their own lands, through drawings, words, miniature models, music, conversation and performance. 

Couzyn van Heuvelen


FEBRUARY 22 - APRIL 15, 2018

Casting Hooks showcases the work and creative process of Inuk sculptor Couzyn van Heuvelen in collaboration with Sheridan College. Van Heuvelen was chosen to create Sheridan’s Temporary Contemporary installation for the 2017-18 academic year, and his project Nitsiit is on view in the Creativity Commons of Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga from January 22 to April 27, 2018. Nitsiit, an installation of large-scale fishing lure sculptures that reference traditional and historical Inuit production were created in Sheridan’s studios using a variety of fabrication processes. Casting Hooks presents a behind the scenes look at the months-long development and collaborative process of this monumental installation.



JANUARY 11 - FEBRUARY 10, 2018

Jurors: John Armstrong, Jayne Wilkinson and Faisal Anwar.