E.M.A.R. LAB - an incubation space

JULY 4 - SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Featuring works by: Hamzah Amin, Qurat Dar, Tennille Dowers, Howard Hamilton, Ricardo Hernandez, Jassie Justice and Khaula Mazhar.

Meryl McMaster - Mumuration.jpg



JULY 4 - SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

Featuring works by: Scott Benesiinaabandan, Hannah Claus, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Meryl McMaster, and Greg Staats.

border crossings: creating PARALLEL histories

march 28 - june 16, 2019

border crossings: creating parallel histories is an interactive community engaged arts project that uses the transformative power of art to challenge preconceived ideas around both literal and metaphorical boundaries. Visitors are invited to share their stories and experiences with crossing borders - geographical, linguistic, spiritual and personal. Through creativity and collaboration, we can recognize and respect the struggles that are a part of many border crossings, and learn to appreciate that sometimes the most incredible creativity lies at the edges of things.


Guest curated by RhÉanne Chartrand

march 28 - june 16, 2019

niigaanikwewag acknowledges the ever-presence of Indigenous womxn in the arts through the presentation of notable works by senior, mid-career, and emerging artists to celebrate past, present, and future generations of creative kwes as integral to sustaining the creative spirit of Indigenous communities.

sheridan’s public creativity studio

Politics of space

JANUARY 10 - march 15, 2019

The Art Gallery of Mississauga partners with the project to present a gallery installation of Politics of Space. From moss walls to mobility, from the aesthetics and architectures of brand and liability, Politics of Space considers what it means to meet the needs of care for bodies moving in and out of institutional place.



JANUARY 10 - march 15, 2019

Jurors: Charmaine Lurch, Cole Swanson, Denis Longchamps


braiding through time: Works from the AGM’s Permanent Art Collection

curated by AGM Interns Anran guo, husam rabahiya & meryam ahsan

march 28 - june 15, 2019

Braiding Through Time showcases works from the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s Permanent Art Collection and were chosen in response to and with respect for those artists highlighted in niigaanikwewag. These intimate works celebrate motherhood, sisterhood and friendship. They are a celebration of the unique bonds created between women regardless of race, culture, class and time.

Whether it be the braiding of hair or the braiding of threads, the connections formed and the strength gained through the intricate process of braiding creates a sensitive unity and a physical resiliency representative of womxns relationships.  These works pay homage to this special kinship and invite each of us to ‘braid’ our own connections to niigaanikwewag.