Episode 3 - border crossings podcast with Qurat Dar


Sharada Eswar laughs with Qurat Dar

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An engineering student by day, spoken word artist by night and an accomplished environmentalist, Qurat talks about what it feels like to accept oneself and how does one set personal borders

 What comes to her mind when we say “border crossings”

 “Two either places or worlds and the space between them and the margins between them. What it means either to cross from one of those into the next or to exist within that border or that margin area and what it means to kind of navigate between the two of those things...”

Episode Highlights

 1)    Qurat shares her immigration story and the culture shock she experienced at a very early age. She talks about borders around religion and faith. Borders of queerness, gender and learning to accept herself.

2)    She describes how moving out of her parents house, moving from childhood to adulthood and moving from furthered her in her journey of learning to say “No” and in preserving her boundaries.

3)    She talks about crossing borders between the worlds of environmental engineering and spoken word / poetry. Being considered less legitimate as an artist when art is not your full time academic pursuit.

4)    Qurat presents the ceramic story bowl she made as part of a workshop with the border crossings project. She introduces an Arabic verse she’s illustrated on the bowl which is part of a visual representation of what she felt while taking a break from her faith. Navigating the loss of faith was a difficult phase was for her to navigate but she eventually realized it’s more about belief and finding ways to believe without subscribing to a construct.

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