Episode 5 - border crossing podcast with Stories from the Listening Wall


Listening Wall filled with stories and space to add your own story.

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If you’ve walked into the Gallery recently, you’ll see a tall wooden structure which holds colourful paper scrolls. The tall wooden shelf is an abstract representation of the Map of Mississauga and the colourful paper scrolls contain border crossing stories written by the people of Mississauga.

 Since the project’s inception, the border crossings team has collected over 400 stories in various formats and the effort to collect continues. Stories from The Listening Wall is a series of narrations of stories collected from the Mississauga community. It is our humble effort to build an avenue to share and for us to preserve these border crossing stories in our audio library.

 Would you like to share your border crossings stories with us?

Drop in for any of our comic making workshops or just stop by the Gallery and leave us your stories in a format that speaks to you.

We are currently recording video stories at the Gallery every Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11 am to 12 pm.

Email us at agm.connect@mississauga.ca