Episode 6 - border crossings podcast with Sid Sharp


Sid Sharp creates a visual image with words


Have you ever wondered if your border crossing story is worthy of being shared? Have ever questioned yourself? This episode talks about owning your story and revelling in a joyful affirmation that your story is worth being owned, told and shared.

Toronto based artist and illustrator, Sid Sharp talks to us about sharing their trans journey during the course of illustrating for and conducting workshops for the border crossings project. Sid is the illustrator and artist led workshop facilitator for the border crossings project since 2017 and came out during the course of the project.

What comes to their mind when we say “border crossings”

“I get caught up in all of the injustice surrounding border crossings....I approach it more as an outsider obviously than a person who’s actually been caught up in it is just to be immediately … oh I hate borders and oh it’s all about politics, it's all about people keeping other people away and I still do think that. But it's been interesting throughout this project* to get a more full purview of that. Not just the abstract political construct…”

 Episode Highlights

  1. Sid talks about going through a change in perspective about border crossings from an abstract political concept and as an outsider who is removed from it to an actual personal experience while working on the border crossings project

  2. Sharada shares their experience of working on the project and their own personal border crossing experiences both as a physical experience and a cultural experience

  3. Sid talks about being part of the project before being a trans person and then coming out during the course of the project. They talk about owning your border crossing story and considering it worthy of being documented and shared. The project encouraged them to speak to people about their own experience of coming out as a trans person.

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