Episode 8 - border crossings podcast with Sheniz Janmohamed


Sharada Eswar in conversation with Sheniz Janmohamed


Are you a closet poet ? Are you an artist in pursuit of perfection? Here’s an opportunity to discover a new process of expressing yourself and learning to separate yourself from your work while owning it. 

An author, artist educator, spoken word artist and land artist shares her story about crossing borders with a Persian poetry art-form the "Ghazal" and creating transient sacred spaces through Land Art with making and unmaking "Mandalas". In this episode she talks to us about navigating between permanence and impermanence, perfection and imperfection as artists. 

What comes to her mind when we say “border crossings”

“Borders exist and they don’t exist. It’s a permanence- impermanence balance. Some borders exist because they require to exist for us to live in this reality and some of them are ones that are created by our own minds or by our political differences or by our duality. What’s more important is to understand the nature of the border and whether they exist for a reason and what is the reason and do we need to continue to keep these borders between us and if not then maybe they need to be erased”

 Episode Highlights

  1. Sheniz introduces us to the “Ghazal” and explains the themes that are expressed through the “Ghazal”. She introduces us to the border crossing journey that the art form has gone through over the years- in language, style and in its form

  2. She talks about land art and mandala making and about how she developed this practice. And incorporating the art of writing a Ghazal within the mandala making process

  3. Most Ghazals are based on the concept of “dard” - the pain of separation. Sheniz talks about coping with the pain of letting go and freeing yourself from the concept of perfection through the making and unmaking process.