Episode 9 - border crossings podcast with Beth Helmers

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Sharada Eswar in conversation with theatre artist Beth Helmers

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Border crossings is an exploration of what it means to reach across borders and make them known, to lean into them and share what lies in between and on either side of individual and shared experiences. How can we find ways to come together and honour our own and each other’s distinct and shared experiences?

Beth Helmers is a theatre artist whose work includes directing and collaborative performance creation. Her other interests are puppetry, dance, music and installation art. She is Artistic Director of the Community Arts Guild; in this role, she has the privilege of creating artwork with, by, and for people in East Scarborough alongside a wonderful team of artists and local residents.  She also works regularly with Jumblies Theatre and many community arts and theatre companies. In this episode she talks to us about the challenges and joys of working in a cultural setting that is unfamiliar to her.

What comes to her mind when we say “border crossings”

“Stages of life. I was thinking there are certain times when you feel you have moved into different stages of life. And also witnessing people at different stages of life. And in interacting and connecting which is something I am interested in exploring.”

 Episode Highlights

  1. What is it like working with a community that is not yours?

  2. What are the challenges of working in a cultural setting that is foreign to you?

  3. What is it like being surrounded by people who speak a language that is not the dominant language?