border crossings: creating parallel histories


Guest-curated by Sharada Eswar and Sonja Rainey. Developed in collaboration with and featuring the work of the Mississauga communities

Borders are both physical places, marked by barriers in the form of walls or coasts, and imaginary ones, indicated only by lines on a map, or places in our hearts. They are paradoxical, in that they both connect and divide. But they are, first and foremost, stories. Stories of changes in perspective – physical, psychological and ideological. Recognizing and sharing these border crossings allows us to see ourselves and others differently. Instead of groups of people separated by arbitrary distinctions, we are all individuals who experience pivotal moments of change that shape the contours of the narratives of our lives.

border crossings: creating parallel histories is an interactive community engagement lab that uses the transformative power of art to challenge preconceived ideas around both literal and metaphorical boundaries. Visitors are invited to share their stories and experiences with crossing borders - geographical, linguistic, spiritual and personal. Through creativity and collaboration, we can recognize and respect the struggles that are a part of many border crossings, and learn to appreciate that sometimes the most incredible creativity lies at the edges of things.

border crossings: creating parallel histories is an Art Gallery of Mississauga initiative, generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Visit for more information on upcoming events and how to get involved!


Image above: Miranda Sharp, The Swimmer, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

The Art Gallery of Mississauga gratefully acknowledges the support of Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, Pottery Supply House, and the Credit Valley Conservation.