border crossings is an archaeology of the present. By using stories and narratives as our main resource, we aim to fuel alternative ways of seeing across a broad range of physical and cultural contexts. Led by a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists working together, produce a significant body of work that transcends colonial politics and art-making.

border crossings celebrates the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s commitment to bringing people and communities together using art as a common denominator. With this initiative Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities may engage with ideas of self-representation to question colonial narratives and present parallel histories, while exploring relationships between the spiritual, the uncanny and every day.

These stories are personal and powerful, giving the audience access to personal histories and realities. Connecting our past to our present, these stories will be treated as media art pieces, rather than simple stories and will highlight, reinforce and challenge both traditional and contemporary world views as they relate to our relationship to land, to one another, share and philosophical teachings by connecting through laughs and heartbreak.

The border crossings’ first iteration in 2017 culminated in an interactive multimedia installation, through a combination of documentary audio, photographs, text, collage, objects and songs. Gallery visitors were invited to explore the participants’ stories and share their own.

Continuing into the GROW phase (2019-2021), the project will continue to extend increased access to unique experiences for Mississauga residents and visitors, collaborations and newer ways to present art to new audiences; and engagement of individuals from FIRST NEW and NEXT communities.

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The border crossings is generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) through the Grow Grant

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