JULY 2 - SEPTEMBER 13, 2015

Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association, presents a celebration of the diversity and vibrancy of the cultures in the 41 Pan American countries through the lens of photography. Amateur photographers were invited to submit images representative of the daily life, landscape or sport of these diverse nations, and a single selection from each country was chosen for exhibition. The photographs are also being exhibited at three other locations in the Greater Toronto Area, and in an online gallery.

Participating artists and countries include:

Antigua and Barbuda:  Craig Fernandes, Argentina: Vera Belazedkoska, Aruba: Roalie Klein
Bahamas: Malvin H Gordon, Barbados: Pelle Hybbinette, Belize: Naomi Martinez, Bermuda: Kerry Seymour, Bolivia: Shadott Benitez, Brazil: Gustavo Pereia, Canada: Natalia Star, Cayman Islands: Oleksiy Ohurtsov, Chile: Manuel Venegas, Colombia: Fernando Redondo, Costa Rica: Daiela Castellanos, Dominican Republic: Ruben Robito, Ecuador: Salome Prieto, El Salvador: Gerberth Vasquez, Guatemala: Jaime Carrillo, Guyana: Taijrani Rampersaud, Jamaica: Anton Allison, Mexico: Ana I Altamira, Nicaragua: Pedro Madriga, Panama: William Foster, Puerto Rico: Sylvia Bauza, Saint Lucia: Royan Descartes, St. Kitts: Suknanand Bharat, Surinam: Ghifari Moertabat, Trinidad and Tobago: Giancarlo Lalsingh, US: V. Lovell – Mexican, Uruguay: Teresa Barrotti, Venezuela: Yuri Mirabel


Organized by the Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association