border crossings 101

Sharing stories allows us to reflect on the consequences and possibilities of our own individual experiences and connects our lives to the lives of others around us. border crossings 101 is a video initiative of the AGM. The objective is to video tape 101 community members to create a catalogue of their border crossing stories and experiences. We are grateful to everyone who has so far shared their personal experiences of crossing the visible and invisible borders in their lives.

Please contact us at if you would like to participate and be a part of border crossings 101.

Jobin Mathew shares his journey spanning four continents and two decades, the challenges in crossing the borders pre and post-fatherhood and the motivation that keeps him going.

Returning to school could be both overwhelming and challenging. Linda looks back at the invisible borders that had to be crossed in overcoming a mother’s guilt to finding a balance in the new routine.

Kathy reminisces about crossing the border from Vietnam into Canada 10 years ago and the challenges and opportunities of navigating the climatic, linguistic and educational boundaries.

Kosta Stojanovik was raised within European and Canadian cultures and exploring his own roots learns to appreciate the diversity which has enabled him to enrich and evolve and become better as an individual.

Could crossing that border into motherhood be a pure act of selflessness? Altruistic as it may sound, as maternal instinct kicked-in, it opened an endless well of selfless love in Anna as she became a person that surprised her own self.

Five youth share their perspectives on what borders mean to them, the opportunities they present, and the sense of belongingness that comes with crossing to the other side.

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Dancing Across the Border