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By becoming an AGM Member, you are provided with access to exclusive entertainment and lifestyle discounts, gift card rewards, enhanced insurance benefits and other value-added perks through Perkopolis.


Automotive Perks

Save money by taking advantage of exclusive discounts on a variety of daily automotive expenses, including gas, car insurance, car maintenance, tires, car rentals, and new car purchases.


Retail & Shopping Perks

Exclusive discounts and special offers at a wide range of top retailers, including fashion, electronics, house & home, fitness, footwear, sports & outdoors, and even restaurants.


Entertainment Perks

Priority pricing, seat selection and pre-sale offers on the latest and most popular theatre shows, sporting events and special events. Plus discounts on movies, attractions, activities and much more.


Travel Perks

Access to exclusive rates at hotels worldwide, discount flights, tour packages, airport transfers, car rental discounts, special rates on VIA Rail tickets and travel insurance packages. All delivered by a TICO certified travel agency.


Health and Wellness Perks

Discounts and exclusive value-adds on fitness clubs, fitness equipment, dental, eye care, spa services, nutritional supplements to name a few. Savings on everything to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Insurance Perks

Exclusive savings and value-adds on home, automobile, pet and travel insurance at no cost to your organization, and with minimal administration.

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