NOW | FORM, COLOUR, LINE | March 6 - April 17

Natasha Gouveia | Laura Marotta
Laura Marotta, African Violet, Spring 2013
Laura Marotta, African Violet, Spring 2013 (detail)

March 6 - April 17

Form, Colour, Line


ARTISTS | Natasha Gouveia and Laura Marotta


Form, colour and line are three of the most basic elements of a work of art that can be perceived by the senses, but they also offer a rich ground for breaking boundaries and for artists to explore new ideas by departing from convention. Natasha Gouveia and Laura Marotta make bold statements about colour,

most notably in their critique of it, and through their process showcase at once intellectual and playful approaches to the constraints of line and form. Where noted abstract painter Ellsworth Kelly envisioned his seminal monograph Line Form Colour as an "an alphabet of plastic pictorial elements,” Form, Colour, Line picks up this notion and carries it forward, into three dimensions and away from traditionally "masculine" forms of minimalism. Information | Catalogue


Upcoming Exhibitions

Natasha Gouveia, Gouge 9
Natasha Gouveia, Gouge 9 (detail)