NOW | THE SAHMAT COLLECTIVE | July 24 - October 19

M. Sovan Kumar bicycling his work Mobile Shelter
Documentary photographs of Slogans for Communal Harmony, 1992, hand-painted auto-rickshaws with poems about brotherhood.
Slogans for Communal Harmony

July 24 - October 19


The Sahmat Collective:

Art and Activism in India since 1989


Organized by the Smart Museum of Art

Curated by Jessica Moss and Ram Rahman


Sahmat has been at the heart of what co-curator Ram Rahman likens to "India's culture wars." Animated by the urgent belief that art can propel change and that culture can reach across boundaries, Sahmat has

created space for an expansive group of artists and

collaborators to present powerful works of art that defend freedom of expression and battle intolerance within India's often divisive political landscape. Information | Videos | Sahmat's Website


Programming Narrative


By placing Sahmat’s work against the background of Canada, the AGM takes a critical look at the role of the artist collective and the relationship between art and activism from a global and local perspective. Schedule

Pushpamala N., Motherland with Om Flag and Trishul
Pushpamala N., Motherland with Om Flag and Trishul(detail)