The AGM seeks to foster community, transcend disciplinary boundaries and provide spaces where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated in tangible ways. This takes place through our exhibitions, collections and experimentation in contemporary culture. Importantly, it takes place through our efforts in community engagement.

Our approach to engagement is to contemplate, represent and interact with the vibrant and layered lived experiences of the city – its human geography. We are a public institution located in the centre of a growing and changing city, and we seek to connect with the diversity of our visitors by facilitating access and creating spaces for creative interventions. The gallery encourages and values the nuances of experience in the pursuit of learning, critical thinking and engagement.

Engagement at the AGM takes many forms, ranging from panels and gatherings, workshops and creative sessions, ongoing programs, storytelling circles and more. In the planning and in the outreach efforts, the community is at the centre. In particular, we honour the contributions of Indigenous, immigrant and refugee, youth, and 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

Contemporary art knowledge and “art world savvy” as a final index of “experience” is not required at the AGM – rather, the Gallery welcomes multiple views, experiences and backgrounds to the evolving dialogue on art.

Border Crossings

Love Lab

Celebrate and Agitate