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2021 Exhibitions

All I's on Me

Through the eyes of Visual Artist Pepe Bratanov and Luxury Artist Max Jamali, we see the shining lights, we want those shining lights, we want to be known, we want the “likes”.

All I’s On Me follows the naïve journey from hopeful star struck ingenue to the circus that is the fame game. As we grapple with growing attention- our likes increase from 100 to 1000, to 10,000, to 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers. What is the price we pay? – Security, Ego, Integrity, Privacy and sometimes the life as we know it.

Pepe Bratanov blends digital and physical mediums with his brilliant depiction of the eye-catching lure of fame. Bright fun colours, aptly displayed through the eyes “Peppy Colours” says it all. Lining the Centre of the Exhibition is his newest work ‘Emotional Baggage’. As we enter the exhibition, we see that there is nothing clear, shining, unused or ripe that fills the baggage we collect along the way.

‘…everyone’s watching YOU, every move YOU make, every word YOU say’ in conversation with Max Jamali and AGM Curator Dev Ramsumair. Max Jamali takes on 4 legendary artists and the effects of constant media attention and scrutiny of all I’s being always on you. Digital print, combined with acrylic and oil paint, topped off with his signature butterfly covering the eyes of each artist as a symbol of how we as people can mask our likenesses albeit through a thinly veiled cover. Our hopeless attempt at anonymity after years of struggle to become ever present.

Max Jamali

Max Jamali

Max Jamali is a Luxury Artist based in Toronto, with an award-winning background in fashion photography, with his artwork showcased in Toronto, Miami, L.A. and Dubai.

He is a mixed-media Artist famous for the use of Luxurious items to create his art. In contrast with other artists, Max’s work focuses on Luxury itself as a medium. Diamond Dust, Exotic Leather, 24K Gold, Genuine Silver, Crystals; he uses them all to create pieces that scream opulence. Every piece is created with his “M” logo that symbolizes Luxury, handcrafted from snakeskin.

In this series Max uses digital print combined with 24K Gold, Sterling Silver, Exotic Skin and Acrylic Paint to take on four legendary artists, Prince, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. He masks their likenesses through a thinly veiled cover of anonymity and his signature crystal and diamond dust encrusted epoxy.

Max Jamali

Pepe Bratanov

PEPE Bratanov

Peppy Colours, by Pepe Bratanov, is a pop art exploration that uncovers the extraordinary in the ordinary objects and living things around us. At its core, as the name suggests, is colour and simplicity. In this exhibition, Pepe experiments with digital and physical mediums to capture our constant hunger for fame.

The subjects are things people are often familiar with, from toiletries and food items to movie characters and famous artworks. This sense of familiarity allows Pepe to take these common subjects and turn them on their head to create something new and fresh and challenge the viewer to see the unexpected in it. Basically, take the familiar and make it “unfamiliar” in a fun and playful, yet thought provoking way.

“I hope you LOVE the pieces you see here; I hope you draw ENERGY from them and most of all, I hope they put a SMILE on your face. Now, more than ever. So, let’s see that smile. Enjoy!”

Xiaojing Yan

Xiaojing Yan | Qi of Water | material energy | lifeforce of water

JANUARY 12 – APRIL 8, 2021

Born in 1978 in Jiangsu, China, Xiaojing Yan is truly a transnational artist, combining her Chinese roots and education at Nanjing Arts Institute (B.F.A., 2000) and an M.F.A. in sculpture at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2007.)

Settling permanently in Markham, her work reflects her journey through these various cultures, arriving at her own personal vocabulary.

Laura Beaton Invisible Bliss

LAURA BEATON | Invincible (L) Bliss (R)

JANUARY 12 – APRIL 8, 2021

Born in Toronto, Laura is an award winning Visual Fine Art Artist. She began as a faux finishing (special effects) wall painter, but a health issue at the time led her to a life-long study of Chinese Brush Painting and acrylics. 

Laura studied Asian art under Ontario-based Master Artists Baoxing ZHANG, William HO and Hiroshi YAMAMOTO. She has studied acrylics/mixed media under Halina Wyluda-Kazmierczak, Mila Duric and Mark Cope.

Laura’s pieces are two-dimensional works that are a fusion of ancient painting techniques and her own creations on rice paper using traditional inks on rice paper, which are then wet-mounted and mounted onto canvas.

Huan Chen Lotus IV

Huan Chen | Lotus IV

JANUARY 12 – APRIL 8, 2021

When I was young, I enjoyed drawing, calligraphy and Chinese ink painting but never dreamed of becoming a painter. My long path of discovery began after I immigrated to Canada from Beijing as a teenager. I received my formal training from McGill University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. My research was in the environmental engineering field. In 2003, I started painting lessons, which began as a way of expressing myself and ended as a true passion. Then, in 2010 I switched to working full time as a painter and art instructor, and couldn’t be more content!

My formal training has deepened my concerns for the environment. A nature lover, and also fond of figure painting, I often portray the two subjects together as a harmonious yet transitory scene. I am currently exploring the combination of the Asian ink painting technique of Po Mo (splash ink) and Western oil, which offers both the realistic and abstract elements that I enjoy.

Frances Ferdinands



The installation 26 emanated from the artists 3-month stay in 2015 in her homeland of Sri Lanka.

Under the auspices of an Ontario Arts Council Grant she studied and conducted research under two mentors who are masters in the field of traditional fine art and craft which are culturally at risk. Ferdinands’ vision became a reality through examining these old traditions and revitalising them through re-interpretation within a contemporary context.

Frances Ferdinands



Listen and view the stories that have impacted and changed the lives of Artists and our community, told through various forms of art. Come ready to experience emotions, beauty and resilience. Leave with a new understanding of the borders we all face daily and a better sense of community and connection. We all have a border crossing story to tell. The Border Crossings Project is generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation ( @ontrillium) through the Grow Grant, the Ontario Arts Council ( @ontarioartscouncil ) and The City of Mississauga’s Cultural Division ( @citymississauga ).

Artist in residence

DEBBIE MILLER - Artist Statement

November 7, 2020 – January 7, 2021

“The #IHAVENOWORDS project was born out of my commitment to be a part of a call to action. I needed to harness and channel the rage, anger, disgust and profound sadness that I was feeling as a result of the unjustified killing of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020 by a Minneapolis police officer. As a black woman, mother, daughter, sister, wife and police officer, I could no longer remain silent. I needed to stand up and be a part of this call to action. A call for the acknowledgement that “black” people are facing systemic discrimination, unconscious bias and anti-black racism every single day. Action that would result in needed and lasting change. I began to have deep conversations, particularly, with black men in the community, black police officers and mothers of black sons. During these conversations, I asked them to share their thoughts and experiences on cue cards. I sought their permission to photograph them as we spoke. The conversations were deeply emotional and introspective. 

This collection of emotionally charged conversations allowed me to understand their feelings and capture images of the acute pain, suffering and profound sadness and frustrations that has beset our community. 

In this tapestry of photographs and community quotes, I tell their stories. This photo-essay offers a view into the impact of inter-generational racism on black families and gives voice to their cry “… I can’t breathe…”. It is also a call to have courage; a call to pursue this shared path of resistance; a call to do the hard work to build a more equal, equitable and inclusive society. 

Black people continue to be impacted by systemic racism. As a society, we need to stand together to ignite a movement against racism and discrimination. This requires all of us to continue the conversations, to listen, learn and act to invoke real and sustainable change.” 


Kwesi Miller




My name is Kwesi Sekou Millington. Speaking is what I do now, but it’s not where I started. I’m a Speaker and Certified Speech Coach, but my background is in Policing. It wasn’t my lifelong dream to be a Police Officer, but have you ever ended up somewhere as a result of just “going with the flow” instead of purposefully planning your life?


In 2004, I left my hometown of Toronto, Canada and headed off to Regina, Saskatchewan, eventually to end up in Richmond, a city just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. I made it! I was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officer.

Speaking was still not on my radar…I had no clue then where I’d be today…but life has strange ways.

They tell you as a police officer that it is highly likely that you will see death while on the job, and that it may even happen on your watch. But you still think, “maybe I’ll be lucky enough to avoid that happening…” I wasn’t.

On October 14, 2007, I attended a 911 call with my fellow officers and we got into a physical altercation with a man that had to be arrested. Unfortunately and tragically, he died shortly after being arrested.

The saga continued…

March 2009: Although the whole incident was video recorded, I was called to testify in court (broadcasted Nationally) at a Public Inquiry as to what I did on that fateful night.

The Stop Sign

The date – May 2011: Though I have never lied in my career as a Police Officer and was cleared of any wrongdoing by 3 different independent investigations, a Special Prosecutor was hired and I was charged with Perjury (lying under oath) for what I said in 2009.


There’s an old saying that says “the greatest trick the devil ever played is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” I was lost. Facing a criminal charge and the possibility of losing my career, I finally started opening up more to my psychologist (whom I’d been seeing since 2009). I’m a tough nut to crack, but through therapy, I was able to get some answers….leading to diagnoses of PTSD and Depression. I’m not a big fan of labels, but exposing what I was struggling with and giving it a name finally started to allow me to figure out who I was.

Still figuring that out by the way!

Why do I tell you all of that? Because life is about speed bumps and stop signs. Often we confuse one with the other. Most people let speed bumps BECOME their stop signs. And between 2011 and 2013, I suffered through bouts of Depression and PTSD that left me wanting to stop permanently, many times.

Jesse L.

JESSE LOUTTIT - Artist Statement

November 7, 2020 – January 7, 2021

I grew up in the suburbs, Brampton to be specific. I was born in Toronto before my parents decided they needed more space for our family. When I finished high school I left Brampton as fast I could. I wanted to get out and see more of the world. Since moving away, I have always felt that I could never move back to a suburb. Being recently married, I’ve thought about where I would want to live if my own family starts to grow. With the rising cost of houses in the city I have begun to question that feeling. Thinking back to growing up, I remember times of fun hanging out with my friends skateboarding, enjoying our summers and trying not to get into too much trouble. With this nostalgic and romantic mindset, I headed back to the suburb that I grew up in to re-create some of these memories with a new generation of kids who are wondering how fast they can leave.




Rhythm is a unique collection of art pieces presented by Artist Bhavna Bhatnagar which is inspired by Nature, Philosophy, and ethnic cultural background. Her ceramic works also exhibit her artistic views developed during her Canadian journey, and thus creating a modern-western and classical Indian fusion

James Fowler Studio



Being Alone Together is equal parts performative painting and community engagement. I have recreated elements of my art studio and am working diligently on a new painting, Anthem, taking breaks to reach out and talk with friends who are part of the art and culture community. Using video technology and social media, I discuss diverse topics that impact various communities. Finding common ground through casual conversation, I am connecting with makers in Mississauga, across the country, and internationally, using these technologies to bridge geographic barriers.

In these strange times of isolation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining our mental health and wellbeing is so important. Artists often already spend so much time isolated in their studios and this can create feelings of loneliness. Being tucked away from the world to create can take its toll on a person. Often our social experiences are through art openings, art talks and panel discussions. Many of these have moved online which cut out the small bits of social interrelations we can have before and after these events. By bringing an active art studio into the museum environment and broadcasting these conversations, I hope to share what happens behind the scenes for an artist, recreate the intimacy of these experiences and provide opportunity for sharing, connection and togetherness, crossing the borders between our personal and public lives.

Artist in residence


November 7, 2020 – January 7, 2021

Patel’s art practice began in Ahmedabad, the capital city of Gujarat, India. In Gujarat, natural dyes and Lippan mud are used to decorate traditional Kutch homes. By upcycling mirrors and objects Patel’s work reflects folk art history while exploring new cultural narratives to promote environmental social change.

Here at the AGM, Patel uses his residency to inform and celebrate sustainable art practises, while transforming the space to engage visitors. Patel is an artist and cultural worker who lives in Mississauga and works at his studio in Port Credit. We are delighted to have him here at the AGM and to introduce him to visitors of all ages.


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