Episode 12 - border crossings podcast with Hamed Dar Part 1


Hamed Dar discussing life as an actor, write and banker with Sharada Eswar.


Episode Summary

Have you made unconventional choices in your academia and work experience? Been torn between following your heart and your brain? If you answered yes, then you will definitely relate to Toronto based actor, writer and erstwhile banker, Hamed Dar. Compare notes as you listen to Hamed sharing his border crossing experiences in this two part-episode. Listeners get a side of his life as he navigates the worlds of cognitive science, comedy and acting. Find answers to how he crosses borders with empathy to connect with his characters and deliver an authentic  performance. 

What comes to his mind when we say border crossings?

“Border crossings to me means taking a risk for your life and I hope one day that means not risking your life.”

Episode Highlights

1.      Hamed explains the basics of cognitive science and applying scientific constructs to deliver authentic theatrical performances. 

2.      He shares his curious and unconventional field of experience and education. Listeners get to connect the dots on how all his experiences led up to his life’s work 

3.      How does an actor emotionally connect with his character? Crossing borders from their own field of experience? Hamed talks about empathy and vulnerability. 

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