Episode 13 - border crossings podcast with Hamed Dar Part 2


Hamed Dar discussing life as an actor, writer, and banker with Sharada Eswar.


Border crossing stories can be interesting and we explore a broad spectrum. 

In Part 2 of our conversation with Hamed Dar, Toronto based Actor and Producer, we talk about faith. He talks about challenging the faith he was born into and his personal explorations different faiths along the way. 

Join us for this curious experience of looking at faith and religion from a cognitive scientist turned artist’s perspective. 


1.      Hamed talks about how his values and views evolved during his formative years away from his home 

2.      They play a word/ phrase association game leading up to the word “Faith” 

3.      He delves into details about growing up as a traditional Muslim in Pakistan, moving to Canada and his experiences experimenting with faith and religions later on in life

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