Episode 15 - border crossings podcast with Hamzah Amin


Hamzah Amin in conversation with Sharada Eswar


Episode Summary

First generation Pakistani-Canadian and Toronto based portrait and wedding photographer Hamzah Amin talks about migration, faith and identity. Hamzah is also part of the Art Gallery of Mississauga's Emergence: Mississauga Artists Rising program- generously supported by the RBC Emerging Artists Project grant. Listeners are in for a treat as he narrates a poem from his collection for the very first time in a public platform.


Episode Highlights

  1. Hamzah narrates his poem about border crossing and faith for the first time for a public audience

  2. He talks about finding safe refuge in his own space and about his journey as an artist

  3. The conversation progresses towards multi-faith ancestry , spiritual exploration and being born queer in a conservative family

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