Stories from the
Listening Wall

From the border crossings Listening Wall:

1)      Crossing the thickest border of them all…

The border between childhood and adulthood…

Long, difficult, lonely

Black and white…

Relieving, liberating, relaxing…

2)      It means that mommy can’t cross the border without a passport

–Ilan, 7

3)      I am from love, prayer, church & family ties.

I am from an only childhood to a new family of too many to count

I am from nurturing kids, hosting family das (?), dusting, vacuuming & grocery shopping.

I am from folk art painting, sewing & crafting

I am from watching, supporting & coaching

I am from hockey, baseball and soccer.

I am from driving to school, the mall, hockey arenas, baseball diamonds & soccer pitches.

I am from volunteering.

From girl guides ever camping, singing, and cookie selling.

I am from dog walking and playing fetch.

I am from family, both blood and adopted.

I am from happiness, joy and love.

–          Helen Harris

4)      Since I was young, had the idea to live in a different country than mine. I’m from México and when I was concluding my studies at the university had the intention to start a master in Spain. The time went by and I couldn’t got to move there. Many years after I had the opportunity to travel to some countries because my work and suddenly came to me the idea to move to Canada.

5)      The life placed me into a company that has offices around the globe; one of them in Toronto, Canada. So, after 25 years of thinking about to live in a different country than mine, here I am, with 45 years and so many life experiences yet to come thru/

6)      I have travelled


The Other Side


the Country…


is where I

always come back to…


7)      Crossing over from Mumbai, India, to Toronto, Canada, a year and a half ago, was an unforgettable experience for me. Leaving behind the land of a variety of sights, sounds, fragrances, culinary delights, amidst which I was born and brought up, and crossing over to this beautiful, pristine, country, very peaceful, hardly any sounds of the traffic, very few people around, in Mississauga, Toronto.

8)      It has been a new adventure for me every day, my daily walks to the Central Library, walking along side ducks, my first experience of snow, creating a winter wonderland, the exquisite beauty of multicoloured leaves in Fall, and to top it all, the welcoming warmth of the Canadian people!

9)      I can hear the cold incessant wind. It is an oneomatopoeic coming to life of my life force. I can hear my heart bears, to connect to the tunes of my sowlle. I’m wounded by the spikes but the wounds heal so quickly. There is vastness, the world moves. Quietly. There is wilderness in the rush of the river and depth in the lake. I run again. And I keep running again & again.

Does travelling in an airplane add more time to your life? Is this another chance? It was a balmy night when I left. The only salt & water I felt was my tears. Then endless days later, I was here  but the date had not changed. Did I get one more?

I’m running as fast as I can with the free wind in my hair. My legs are solar powered. The sea finds me and I jump right in. I’m now one with salt, water and everything made of it. Nothing ends, everything moves and keeps moving. Everything I touch transforms me & I’m transformed by it. There’s no night. There’s no day. I’m running & I keep running.


10)   Grade Two:

My class is learning about homonyms in a circle, my teacher convinced I cheated because I defined “homonyms” correctly.

11)   When I graduated from my Masters program I had no idea where I was going to land a job. I was in a place of uncertainty, confusion and fear. I saw great opportunity but was unsure how things would unfold. The universe seem to present opportunity for me to set up my practice. Through faith, trust & belief, I was able to open my own private practice as a psychotherapist.

In all that uncertainty, faith is what allowed me to take a chance. Now I can say, proudly, that I am helping others who may be experiencing their own uncertainty and fear find their own path in life or whatever challenge they may be experience

12)   If I had to cross a border

I would do it with Seb and Em

Trump’s Visa is not valid!

13)   I want to cross a wide watery border again and never come home

I belong in another country

14)   I AM FROM




15)   Border Crossing Moment:

Getting my service dog to aid my mental illness – back to when and where we got my puppy

Trails, my goldendoodle, has helped me overcome obstacles I never thought possible. He gives me a purpose and reminds me of how wonderful life can be!


17)   I am from cross colours

from Portugese cooling oil and pledge

I am from the tide smell

I am from the aloe vera and the oceans

I am from holiday parties and birth marks, from Braz and Ionna & Cosea

I am from the constant cleaning and cooking

From “never tell lies or steal”

I am from the Catholic faith

I am from Angola and Cabo Verde and Cachupa & mangos

From the fighting with 4 brothers, the protection of 4 brothers and the love of 4 brothers

I am from Mississauga

–Gracie C


18)   Once upon A time, I, Jhonny Dett, was crossing the border between Syria and Afgahnistan. The journey was long and hard and now I am in Canada once again. Yay I am in Afghanistan. And then I went to the park but the people were there so I went to another park but the people were also there so I went to the park and my cottage was there.

But my cavdeesh was in a summer place. How is this possible?

19)   I came to Canada in my mother’s womb. My parents married in 1960 and moved to Canada soon after. My father was English. My mother was Dutch. The Dutch government paid for her flight to Canada. There were too many people in the Netherlands and the government was paying people to leave. I was born in Ottawa 6 months later. They had crossed the border for me.


20)   I remember being in a car (5 seats) filled with 8 people.

We were at a passage way were the soldiers would stop & take all cassettes & belongings they deemed unacceptable.

They had AK47’s on them as they did these searches. The area we were in was also known for Avalanches (we were crossing in Jan). I was 4 years old.


21)   Dear whoever is reading this note, I have a story to tell…..

Once upon a time THERE WAS a princess named Madame Spaghatti. That is me! Travled from Colorado to USA to Canada I saw a concert and met 3 people TAYLOR SWIFT ZAC EFRON and ARIANA GRAD

I *heart* spaghetii and Canada anyways I had a better life in Canada

–Emma Cooper Aka Madame Spaghetti

22)   In back home, I enjoyed a lot with parents, sisters, brothers. When I came to Canada, I messed them a lot. In back home, maid came in the morning & do all the works, cleaning vessels and all, but here no maid is here, completely full and full all works I am doing. I have 2 kids I have tight work really. In back home, I gave lunch to my elder one. But here morning I am dropping to them to school, and picking lunch both for one hour, and no time to went outside here. Laundry, shopping, cooking, take care of kids, teaching them to homeworks, cleaning houses all works I am doing here, without anyone help. In weekend my kids are having classes to go to am dropping and picking and I don’t have time to for myselves even 15 minutes also. Lot of pressures, tensions, body pain also come here when compare to back home. I enjoyed there lot and went to my native every three months once and I love to eat my native foods, temples, beaches, theatres all are near to our place. Here everything is different. Here I have lots of friends when compared to back home.   – SUNDARY

23)   For me, I want to atleast one hour daily for relaxation for my mind and I have no time to watching serials. I want mainly relaxation for atleast 1 hour. I have to change here for myselves I need rest for at least half an hour here.

24)   The place I most feel at home is in the neighbourhood + land where my mother, grandmother, great grandmother live – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The child of a Canadian father + Mexican mother, I like to cross borders back into “la terra de mi madre” and stand in front of the house that used to belong to my great-grandmother (sold many decades ago) and contemplate the many kilometres and many years that have passed by since she stood on her front porch & I now gaze upon it.

–          Luisa

25)   Breaking the boarder of mental illness. Mental health matters.

–          London, ON

26)   The Border Crossing of Self-fulfillment

Self mastery is not a leap of faith. It is a gradual, daily, small growth.

I used to worry, cry, fear the outcomes of events to come, or if my effort was ever going to pay off or if I was built for success or daily content.

Now, I don’t fear, fear is a tunnel, a tunnel that radiates the outside light waiting for you. Don’t fear. If you are breathing oxygen, don’t fear.

It’s not always about the next thing

27)   I’m in Mississauga on Celebration Square, I’m standing in front of the Art Gallery and feeling confidence in myself. Just 2-3 years ago I didn’t have this feeling of total acceptance of myself. My self-love and self-acceptance look like this: I forgive myself for my mistakes, I try to be better every day and to be better version of myself, I ask my self every day: do I really want to do what I am doing today? If the answer is ‘no’, I change something in my life, to be sure that I always follow my own path, my soul’s path, not someone else’s path. Listen to your soul, it’s very important. Only your soul knows the right direction.


With love.

28)   At the airport in Mississauga with the sounds of passengers’ footsteps rushing by. I see my husband and my son smiling in the background and immigration officers welcoming us with open arms and warm hearts. Beautiful arrival. This is my story up north.

29)   Borders are there to cross. Moving from one place to another is encouraging to understand culture, environment and society. Then, finding reason to cross, cross to some unknown and then go back to square one…

30)   I am from soul train, from sulfur and afro sheen cosmetics

From bacon sizzling, hair straightening, gospel singing

I am from the aloe vera and the olive oil

I am from family walks after dinner and singing around

I am from love & respect and love yourself first

From “A hard head makes a soft behind” and “Your eyes may shine”

From my mother, waking me up for Saturday chores, the smell of pinesol and Ajax

I am from a line of strong queens

–          Doris Wilson


31)   This summer was very fun. I first went to U.A.E. for a week to meet my dad, the new went by Air Blue to Pakistan to visit my grandparents. We did a lot of stuff, like celebrating my grandpa’s 79th birthday. His birthday was on September 4th, so we had to leave on the same day. At 7:00pm it was time to say goodbye so we did. It was a long flight back, it was 14 hours the flight. When we came back I was sad my vacation was over, but it was still totally worth it. J

–          Faris (Age 9 ½)

32)   Becoming a lawyer as a person of colour was my border crossing. Entering a profession that is foreign to people of my background & geography was almost like entering a region I troubled to navigate & nowhere to buy a map. It is still a struggle at times, but each day I got more familiar with the terrain and wrote my own story.

33)   More to do

More people

Less community

Moving to Mississauga

–          Enjoying the city

–          Feeling disjointed/disconnected

I’m more alone in the masses

34)   BORDERS…

Haven’t crossed physical borders but mental ones have crossed my path multiple times in life. It’s difficult. I’m still dealing with said borders, but I think it’s getting better. We all have our own struggles, and hurdles and ‘borders’ to overcome. It just takes time. It takes patience. It takes love.

Story to be continued…

35)   I Have A Dream…

Where Love Breeches ALL Boundaries + COLORS

–Travis Rose

36)   I am from shea butter

From jumbo and minarets

I am from the 4:30am morning prayer

I am from mango juice and biryani

I am from Ammi and Abu and Bhaiyya and Khala

I am from a great sense of belief

From “Always work hard” and “Believe in yourself”

I am from love and peace

I am from Humber and Credit Rivers

From the story of Mississauga

–          Mariam

37)   I went from Toronto to


(to get here)


Break Boundaries that divide. *drawing of lightning bolt*

Respect Boundaries that protect. *drawing of a key*

Break Boundaries to love. *drawing of heart*



Dear mr unknown, aka gallery owners

I am here to tell you a little story…

Once upon a time…

In a faraway land called Toronto

I was in search of a better life so I moved to Toronto and met a woman named Taylor Swift and a man named Zac Efron. Sooooo I had a better life in Toronto! I also met Ariana Grande soooo


*heart drawing* Madame Spaghetti


Dear whoever you are,

We cross the boarder of Toront for a better life then Toronto.

I hope for the best!


Sir Henry Lucka


Hai Everyone,

                My name is Bhuvi. In last two years was staying at Bangalore. It is really good life for me. Because I have maid at home. She was working for all the house oriented like floor cleaning, vessels, bathroom cleaning, and floding dress also. So that time I was very freedom at home. Then is easy to manage my kids and husband. I prefer for cooking only. So I am spend time with friends daily are meeting to park. So I feel relaxed and happy with that life. But now few months back to Canada. Here no maid have at home so I am only doing that all the work at home. There is no time to spend with friends. It is irritating at all the time only doing home work for cook, vessels, cleaning, floor cleaning, etc. so I feel sad. Then only summer time I feel little bit happy. But winter time is dispress at home. Only doing hose work and simply sitting at the home. So it was very boreing. My kids also not like the winter. Because he is like outdoor playing only. Now it way very cold rite. That’s why I like the our country only. Then now I am going to some volunteer job. So it is little bit relaxed mind, then free time for friends together. This is my opinion for house wife life. Thank you.




The Only True

–          – B O R D E R – –

Is the one we create in our hearts

*heart drawing with dotted line through the middle*


I *heart* YOU.



Starting school in Canada for the first time (grade 4) 25 years ago.

Few ‘brown’ people in the class. I felt very alone.

I hope my kids do not feel that.

*drawing of male child and older woman, perhaps mother*



I was young, ambitious, ready to conquer the world. I thought I met the love of my life. I got pregnant & soon realized I was alone. He left. I became a single mother, alone, broke, my dreams shattered. With the help of my mother & close friends, they helped me get my confidence back. The government programs and social workers helped me get back on my feet. I landed a great job & now creating a better future for my daughter and I, getting my real estate license so I can travel with my daughter and show her how to be strong & free.


I completed my graduation. During my studies, my dad had so many hopes that something I will become a government employee. But suddenly, my daddy changed his opinion and planned for my marriage. I agreed with him, because I believe him. Now, I agree that he was right, because he given such an kind-hearted person as my husband who respect my goals and ideas. There is one thing to change myself, is hesitation.


It’s a working woman. I will be busy whole day & working in office from 10-8pm hardly giving time to my kid& to myself because even after coming home I have to cook after and before office hours. Only the weekends where we can feel bit relaxed.

As per me, the working at home should be shared. Like cutting vegetables or making dough. This could save my time & can utilise the time for my kid & can spend some time for myself. And also can do some additional activities. In addition to this there should be feeling of real mother. We do feel same. Our in turn laws have to feel same like they should treat us like their own daughters.

So, at the end I would like to spend time myself like talking to friends, going out for outing, watching tv.

Richa Mandarkar J


I see barbed wire, and lights, and a building. We are shuffled into a building; after a wait a person in from the other side of the desk sees us; looks at our papers and says welcome and lets us pass the door away from the fence and building. To a more open, green area


Bo: Citizenship?

Me: Canadian.

Bo: Why are you coming to the United States?

Me: Visiting friends in Ahmherst.

Bo: Do you have any alcohol, food, or anything to declare?

Me: No.

Bo: Passport please.

Me: Here they are.






Now in today’s World everyone busy, and I’m in new country. There is no one to help. When I’m sick or to share my feelings when im in trouble or when im sad.

                After coming here I miss everything, my mom helps. Im managing everything. Im getting tension, frustration, anger.

                Hubby also busy in work he cant spend time with family and kids. Feeling sometimes very lonely and bad.

                So every women should take care of her personal health. And she should enjoy and spend time for her happiness. So that she can get some happiness.

                Now im starting to spend my days by relaxing and taking care of my health, and enjoying by watching tv, and going out.



It means a place where you can’t continue

Without a passport

M, 9


I believe in


I believe in the power that it has, I believe in its beauty in all forms, I believe in its warmth, in its comfort, and in its strength in holding us together.

I believe in loving even when the world doesn’t want us to.

Love is beautiful where ever it is.

*all bolder words are written in calligraphic script*


53) *a tall trapezoid is drawn, all words are within it*

My physical home may have lines drawn in geography but the home in my heart circles the entire globe.

I’m not here w/o you *heart drawing*



–          I’m in Canada, at the airport in Montreal

–          I see people everywhere, I hear planes – when they land an takeoff


I am in the border of Quebec an US. I see a place not that different from where I was, narrow streets, lot the words are in French. I hear the voice of my family and my friends as we joke around darkly to relieve the tension. Then we cross and we hadn’t even noticed. There was no signs or any sensations, or transformation. It is anticlimactic in a way. We face a tough situation in the US, yet there is the uncertainty of what we will find here. Will we be happy, and then the realization hits that we crossed with no consequences, and everyone in the car celebrates. Relief, and I realize the changes in me and my family is already taking place. It has nothing to do with the place, but with the hope we feel, the possibility of a better life that is exciting…


I am from peace and benevolence

I am from M’s and B’s and 4am breakfast.

I am from history and not math.

I am from love and sacrifice,

Confidence and strife.

I am from 4 years of social anxiety

I am from guitars and harmony.

I am from pandesal and hot coco,

From a garden full of painted

Stones that make out animal faces.

I am from mountains and rivers.

I am from family and friends.

I am from faith and belief.

I am from not “forgive and forget”

But from “learn and move on.”

I am from skateboarding bruises,

from guitar string blisters.

I am from “fix my house”

Dinosaurs and turtles.

I am from “Read 12:19am.”

I am from weekly services.

I am from historical documentaries.

I am from making mistakes

We can learn from.

I am me…


AGM, thank you very much for the wonderful past few months. It has been an honour to have volunteered in such a lovely, welcoming space. I hope to see you all again.







*sheet is bordered in blue and pink marker, a large heart drawing is in the centre, text is inside it*

Love you

Love me

Love yourself

Love each other

Above all

Love god



*large heart in the middle, text inside*

Love yourself

As much as

You do!









It’s better to be good with God, than trying to be understood by a world that will never understand. And when we put a label on God based on the way others have treated us, we are the ones who will always hurt in the end. Only God can get you out of the mess you’re in and give you new eyes to see and new ears to hear, to live a life filled with His love.

Stay close to Him, and He straightens your paths. The pain that you’re holding onto, The might and strength you endure to hold on to it tightly, you need to let it go.

Jesus loves you and wants you saved – that’s what he died for.

May you experience His love today.

God bless you.


Feb 17/19

The biggest border I face everyday is seeing from the heart!

I only see with my two eyes, therefore I avoid most of my life, what I love!




The most important part of crossing barriers is to cross within barriers. There are many barriers and layers that needs to be crossed and once you accomplish the within, physical barriers can be defeated. It is all within.



I do not have any boarder crossing moment and I prey that I do not face anything like that. I hope all the boarders gets broken, and we can make the world a better place without any discrimination, religious barrier or anything. A place where everyone can go as a free bird, were people love and respect each other and gain the faith and believe among each other.



–          A girl from a developing country with loads of dream.


Rainbow unicorn + me drawing one = a lama with a bad hair day


He sat us and high, shook his head side to side, told me he was right and I was wrong, then he let us through.


I crossed a boarder every day from the U.S. to Mexico when I was a young person. Today I live in Mississauga, crossing the boarder ito Canada was one of the most exciting decisions for my life. I have crossed many boarder in my life… now this is my home.

*drawing of a home*



Language border


Sault Ste Marie










*letters are adorned in colours, all Os and lowercase As have smiley faces drawn in their hollows*




Very kind


*on back*

By: Isabelle Ramsunah


*numerous drawings, lines, accentuations*

Peace to

Everyone in the world!

Pray with me!

*latter two lines are written in a circle wrapped around what I assume is the earth*


Canadian Border crossing:

5 mins

USA border crossing: 15m + taking your vehicle apart


Come eat Mayor’s reception

*heart drawing*


*paper was folded into a plane, long and thin*

Fill yourself with Love


*drawing of palm tree*

I remember crossing the border of self in my own mind.








I see a small border crossing from the US through a small Quebec town – our car was searched and we were detained for over an hour while the guard interrogated us!


Argentina, Buenos Aires to San Juan, a much smaller city compared to the capital. Despite being only 2 hour flight away the difference is impeccable. Funny how a city can feel a lot more intimate than a small town to the eyes of a foreigner.


I *heart* BORDERS!




Poland-Ukrain border. Took 24 hours and $100 to let me come home.

I would do it again in a heartbeat



*lots of asterisks drawn, contents of list all contained within a large set of fancy brackets*

Things I Like + Love









Coming to Canada

We were filled with excitement & fear as the plane landed at Pearson Airport. This was our first plane ride, for me and my two brothers.

The customs guy smiled, but it was not a welcoming smile. He asked us lots of question which seemed routine, but he was always trying to trap us in a lie. The truth is we did not have anything to hide – we were just 3 boys being reunited with our father.



My name is Husam Rabahia. I am from Syria.

Borders for me are somthing mental more than tangible, sur there are borders in nature, but the mental borders that we create are more important for me because I think it affect many things in our lifes like our relationships with others and affect the natural borders that exist in nature. It makes crossing phisical borderes easear or harder.

Crossing borders in general is somthing beautiful, it has a meaning of discover, seeing others. So I say again, the human made borders are very important, and its essential to be aware of it, and to know how to cross these borders, don’t creat it, and connect more with each others for the improving our relationships.


I crossed every border,

I bent every rule

I lied to myself, just to make you happy

But you won’t cross any borders for me.

*drawing of a figure sitting, head buried in knees bent perpendicular to ground, a scene of despair and defeat*


The thing I want to change in my self that I am so emotional and I don’t want to be the way I am. I want to be strong like if I am upset I want a space to be normal but many people are caring and asking what happened and some of them already know and they kept on saying oh everything will be fine and its good but people have to understand that they should give some time to a person to be normal.

And the other thing is that I don’t like is hiding a lot about myself when even you yourself would want to tell about that openly to everyone.

My mom and in law and my family have someone who is getting married specifically love marriage they are trying to hide it telling the person to just tell some other story

I don’t understand why to hide it their is nothing wrong with that & mom just kept on hiding my love story and I always tells everyone about myself.

*signed AARIB*


Dear maam Charo,

I am so sad and broke L send money pls <3

Love, Blue

June 6, 2019

Fun day

Date @ the AGM <333

*signed Serena, Kaithlyn, Blue*


Live, Love, Laugh

Life is too short to waste on indifference

Learn from each other!

*signed Sandra Bennet*


Living in one country

But history and family in another

If the air could be used

As birds do, as birds fly

Over fences and physical barriers

Nothing but our hearts could block us

And our hearts have no boundaries, no borders

They are one

My twin

They are us

And us is one


Peace at Home

Peace in the world

*signed M. K. Ataturk*


Border crossing means break rules in my life. There are many rules in our life and we need to break and go out of the safety zone.

To become a greater person.



I really miss my home country – China

I feel lost in Canada,

Hopefully, I can have a home in Canada, in the near future

*signed unintelligibly*


Breaking the boarder of mental illness.

Mental Health matters.

London, ON

*signed unintelligibly*






My parents came to Canada in 2013. I was 9 years old. We used to live in the United States, but I was born in India. My father had found better work. All my other family lives in India, it is just me, my mom and my dad here. I remember being thrilled, excited and nervous when I stepped out of the plane. Would I make new friends? Would I fit in? I was only in grade 3. Now I realize how welcoming and kind the people are! I am blessed to be living in such a beautiful , free country.

*maple leaf drawing*

*signed Khyati*



My parents originated from Pakistani/Afghan roots, with exposure to east Africa.

I was born in the UAE, and lived a decade in Qatar before moving to Canada. I’ve now called Mississauga home for 14 years. Without crossing borders, I wouldn’t be who I am, and I’d have no identity. The cross of cultures has made me empathetic to all around me and their unique stories.


One sopon a time there was a kid who loved chips he ate chips and ate chips and then he poped then went to the hospital and he learned his lesson.

The end

*signed Allan*


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Leaving home was never an act of comfort, crossing borders – of course fear of loosing something. But I realised “who am I” at the Border crossing. In a world of diversity, Borders are benchmarks which is directly proportional to happiness. more the borders more the happiness. I believe home is like a tall standing mirror, when you stay closer to it you could see a little, maybe your face. Each step you take back reflects more of us in the mirror from head to half to entire us. Likewise, each border that we cross gives us a better insight of who we are. The journey from India to Canada gave me a reflection of who am I: sorry I am not enlighted but realizations……… one of which can be explained like “in life success or happiness or let it be anything does not just one path, there are a million paths which leads us, like borders of infinite.

*lists phone number: 9025494158*

*signed Abraham*


When I moved out of myself and into a world of people other than myself than I took the big step on to the other side. Coming from a country of economic inequality it was a big leap and I learnt to compassionately embrace every single person in my world.

“Compassion” was my biggest border crossing.

I also learnt to accept and understand, and that was my border crossing.

And physically, YOGA, the art of realizing the universal “breath” from just shallow personal breathing was my crossing over.


Meera Zachariah

Chennai, India

Date 28 / Feb / 2019*


I am in a plane. I see cars. I hear people talking. It is warm and hot when I get out of the plane. I feel happy. We have to show the people our pasports to get to Callifornia.


*signed: Malachi Ebele 10 years old*

I learned that the art was drawn help me thing about what I saw.

The art that I saw amazing and they are all special in their own way.

Seeing the art made me think I can draw anything that I put my mind to.

The art I like the most is the flower picture because it has lots of detail.

Live in Mississauga.


Crossing the Windsor-Detroit border is most common for my family. My mom wears a Burka and there’s always a wonder of how each crossing will go. My dad has a beard and I wear a hijab, we have brown skin, all factors that some people often judge us for. Due to the awareness and further progress of acceptance and coexistence, the border patrol try their best to make our crossing easy. Trump’s existence in presidency has sparked fear, but also pushed people to know the stories of Muslims, where they then become more accepting and sympathetic.


My story

My parents are very successfull and came from alot of struggle. This always caused me to feel I had to measure up to their standards. I feel  this is something everyone struggles with. No one should ever feel pressured to succeed everyone should feel success comes at the pace that they aspire for it to come.


Border crossings for me is leaving one home for another. There are so many aspects to face in that. So many emotions are a part of it. The happiness, sadness, anxiety about the future. The fear. I have learnt so much. I think the new things you learn and the challenges you overcome are all a part of it.


One time, I crossed the border into the United States with a load of sandpaper from 3M. and it triggered the x-ray machine. The border security searched the entire truck.



In a land not my own

Was both beautiful and sad

The people make all the difference.

 So I stay.


I crossed every border,

I bent every rule

I lied to myself, just to make you happy

But you won’t cross any borders for me.


*very abstract drawing, a lot going on*

Crossing over to adulthood

And occasionally back

To childhood



I crossed border when my mother called me useless and I realized…





Travelling across pacific ocean over north pole and landing in Toronto Pearson Airport. And leaving everything that makes sense or ridiculous behind. As we landed on Canada, the big hugging bear was await, as well as other beautiful stories of my family and the wonderland unfolded.

*signed Sophie Zhu*



I’m from Mexico I’m visiting and I’m feel really glad to see that all this country accept everyone without discrimination, coming from Mexico, you feel the rejection of some people in US so, is really Faboulos (great, I don’t remember how write the other word) to feel WELCOME by everyone.

*signed unintelligibly and dated 19/05/19*


My parents wanted a better future for me and my Brother. We were only 7 and 12 at the time. It was in 2012. We immigrated and it was scary. It was only our family of 4. Our other family stayed behind and gradually visited us. I was exited and scared when we got to the airport. I thought it was bad, it is actually good. I learnt to love Canada and it’s people. I *heart*Mississauga.

*signed Maryam*


*signed Elizah Ebele 8 years old*

I learned that seeing the exibits made me feel creative. I like to do art, it is fun looking at all the pictures to give me ideas like the flower picture. I like to look at creative things. *drawings of a heart, a flower, another flower, and a heart before a line is drawn at the bottom. Underneath the line are the words “thank you for reading” and a heart drawing.*



When I first heard about border crossing, it reminds me all the trips I had from countries to countries. However, the only trip that make me really feel the “border crossing” is the trip I flew from China to Canada for the first time. I traveled alone and the flight took about 14 hours.


All borders are man made

As a human being keep your mind open

Borderless mind (you have to work on it)

Can be very rewarding for your own self and others

Boarder less mind

Comes always with a smile

The result is priceless



Once when we were going to California we crossed the border from Canada to the USA I reambember that we had to show our passport and that the second we walked out of the plane it was super hot and I heard so many birds.


Canada open to me a lot of doors, and put it down a lot of borders that kept locked lots of knowledge and stories I’ve never thought I would ever experience. I will never forget the day I saw for the first time the brighteness from the CN tower from the plane’s window, showing to me my new home and the place I would reconstruct my life. Borders are imaginary limitations created by men to keep up align, but they should to put limits to our capacity of love, solidarity and fraternity.





I reach across borders every day

Making connections with strangers

Finding common ground and

discovering refreshing differences

of food, culture…. All kinds of

oportunites to recognize that we

are one and need to connect and

appreciate differences, to learn a lot

from new influences – to be open

minded and welcoming and to

eliminate borders – to stop challenging

+ discriminating against differences.

To be mindful and eager to discover

To stop judging, to stop looking across

Borders – but to gaze right through

Them and accept. One world – no

Borders would be much nicer on

A human level – to help, to welcome, to be truly free.

A call to eliminate borders

*signed Petra*

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